BOATschooling?! An Unschooling Day in the Life

Lyndy lives on a boat (yes, that's right, on water!) with her husband and two unschooled daughters. Take a peek into a day in their life!
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How I taught my five kids to read

  I have a problem with the title of this post. Yes, I wrote it, but it needed to be short, snappy and clear to people who were looking for information. How I Facilitated my Five Children in Becoming Confident, Voracious Readers was simply too long and confusing. But here’s why I think the second title would be far more suitable. For some strange reason, we give all the praise to the teacher. I have been told a number of times how great a teacher I am. When my girls were young and reading in public people would come over…
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An Interest-Led Homeschooling Day in the Life

This homeschooling day-in-the-life was kindly shared by Cat, an early childhood teacher who is now unexpectedly homeschooling her five year old son JJ, along with her 2 year old daughter Chloe. Read about her interest-led, Reggio Emilia flavoured homeschooling day here.
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Our Day at Camp: A Travelling, Unschooling Day in the Life

Dani and her family are currently travelling and unschooling around Australia. Here's what a typical day in their life looks like, complete with breathtakingly beautiful bush surroundings.
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Begin Homeschooling with Confidence | A free email course!

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Weekly to-do lists | Encouraging Independent Organisation

I am not the most organised person. I am a spontaneous, do-what-I-feel sort of person. The idea of scheduling each day, hour by hour, makes me hyperventilate. But my children like workbooks, and schedules, and knowing how much of their chosen work they need to do each week to finish it by the date they've set themselves. And so we came up with these simple to-do lists.
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Working and Homeschooling? Yes, you can do it!

Jen is a working mum of two high-school aged kids. Here she shares what a working and non-working day look like in her house. Take a look at the excellent articles and resources on her blog at Practical, By Default, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Homeschooling looks different for every family. When I sat down to write my day in the life..…I almost didn’t. Why? Because my “day” is never the same. My schedule changes each week. I thought, no one will want to read this. However, after some thinking, I realized this is exactly why…
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Travelling, Studying and Homeschool: Our Day in the Life

Take a look at my life! I'm Kelly, and I run Fearless Homeschool. We've crammed a lot of lifestyles into our life - on this day in early 2016, we were travelling Australia in our little rainbow caravan. Read more about us here.   We don't have very many typical days! My husband, Daniel, and I both study nursing externally full-time. Sometimes we have residential schools or placements, sometimes we have masses of assignments to do, and sometimes we have very little to do. We've been living in a caravan since May 2015, fitting in travelling between our nursing requirements…
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