Australian Homeschooling Summit - free, live and online homeschooling workshops!

Australian Homeschooling Summit – free, live, online homeschooling workshops!

Ever felt a little jealous of the people who get to go to homeschooling conferences and shows? That you'd really benefit from being surrounded by other homeschoolers and learning from their experience, but just couldn't justify the cost or travel away from home? Here's the solution - we're bringing the conference to your lounge room. Between the 15th and 27th of May, homeschooling experts from all over Australia are coming together to share their experience and teach a series of live workshops and presentations. Best of all, the live sessions are FREE. Take a look at the full line-up here!…
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Inspiring homeschooling quotes from John Holt, featured on Fearless Homeschool.

10 Inspiring Homeschooling Quotes from John Holt

John Holt taught in schools for six years, and was an advocate for school reform. When it became apparent that reform would not happen he turned his efforts to promoting home education. He wrote prolifically, including ten books, many articles, and America's first home education newsletter. Even though much of his work was published in the 1970s-1980s it remains relevant today, and his books are still a source of inspiration for many homeschooling parents. See some of his inspiring quotes here.
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