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  Testing spaces are now full, and we're working through it. Sign up here if you're interested in joining the next round of Zero to Homeschool After a year of work, I'm ready to run Zero to Homeschool - but before I start charging full price, i'm doing a beta-test. Pilot program. Whatever you want to call it! I want to make sure that Zero to Homeschool is something that will make real, lasting, positive changes to your homeschool. Basically, i'm running the program in full, for a hugely reduced price (81% off, actually). All you need to do in…
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How I taught my five kids to read

I have a problem with the title of this post. Yes, I wrote it, but it needed to be short, snappy and clear to people who were looking for information. How I Facilitated my Five Children in Becoming Confident, Voracious Readers was simply too long and confusing. But here’s why I think the second title would be far more suitable. For some strange reason, we give all the praise to the teacher. I have been told a number of times how great a teacher I am. When my girls were young and reading in public people would come over and…
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