Why you must commit to homeschooling to succeed-plus, an invitation to join the Homeschool Commitment Challenge!

Why you must commit 100% to homeschooling if you want to succeed

Want to sign up for the Homeschool Commitment Challenge? See the end of this post! Is school your back-up option? If you have a bad hour/day/week do you start thinking that school looks like a better option? Do you believe that you’re just ‘trying’ homeschooling, and if it doesn’t work you can always send them to school*? Do you hesitate to make longer-term plans because you're unsure if you'll be homeschooling or not? Your homeschool will fail. I know, it's a big statement, but it’s something I’ve seen dozens of times-parents who are homeschooling, but lack commitment. They’re always talking…
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