Zero to Homeschool will run for the first time in early 2017.
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Have you ever wished you could skip the stress, bother and overwhelm of sifting through massive amounts of homeschooling information, and instead get specific, actionable information that teaches you how to JUST START - smoothly and easily?

Homeschooling gives children an amazing education - and life. Homeschooling parents commonly report that their children are happier and calmer at home. Enthusiasm for learning is sky-high. Bullying and the stress of keeping up with a social pecking order is rarely an issue, and easily dealt with. And it’s a fantastic way to nurture strong family connections.

Free to dig deeply into their own interests, it’s common to meet young kids bursting with passion and knowledge about their favourite topics - it's incredibly refreshing if you're used to the usual grunt'n'shrug of most kids. With a love of learning firmly in place homeschooled kids easily go on to tertiary education (and there's plenty of ways to get into uni, so don't stress about that).

Finally, you know the socialisation myth? It really is a myth. Homeschooled kids are articulate, confident and friendly-to people of all ages, not just their own!

Homeschooling really can be that great. That's why so many more people are doing it.

But it can be REALLY overwhelming when trying to work out just how, exactly, you're meant to pull off this impressive homeschool ideal

Does this sound familiar?

You’re overwhelmed with information - Suddenly, you’re in a whole new world where people talk about deschooling, autonomous learning, and someone called Charlotte Mason. They may as well be speaking Russian for all the sense it makes to you.

You're frustrated by conflicting information - You ask for help online, but again, you’re swamped with dozens of opinions. They all contradict each other, so how on earth do you tell who’s right?

You hesitate to buy resources - There’s so much available, how on earth can you choose? Plus, you don’t have unlimited funds, and some of that stuff is expensive-you need to know you’ll get your money’s worth

You wonder how you’ll all get along - All of us, together, all the time? And I have to teach them?

Everyone has an opinion - your mum, the media, the mailman-they all seem to be convinced you’ll ruin your children/family/society. You’re pretty sure homeschooling is the best option, but all that criticism is hard to deal with………

And to top it all off it’s pretty scary knowing that it all rests with you - there’s no teacher or school to shift the blame to if it all falls apart.

Does any/all of that sound too familiar? You don’t have to raise your hand, we’re homeschoolers here - we’re allowed to speak up.

Is it any wonder that you’re thinking that homeschooling is a lot more complicated than it should be, and wondering ‘Where on earth do I START?’

Zero to Homeschool is a great place to start

In eight step-by-step modules you’ll focus on one area of your homeschool at a time. After learning all about that specific area (without being overwhelmed by masses of irrelevant information), you’ll carry out tasks that will have immediate benefit.

A true education is holistic. You’ll learn how to tailor your homeschool specifically to your family, to meet everyone’s needs. You'll learn how to integrate learning into life, and make it fun, exciting and inspiring, instead of dry and boring.

Best of all, you’ll see that you’re not alone. As the course is run as a group, there’s a whole bunch of other people in just the same situation as you, all following the same modules at the same time, to provide accountability, support, motivation and friendship.


Want to see what we'll cover?

8 modules. One per week.

  • Deschooling yourself and your children
  • Knowing yourself and your children
  • Choosing homeschooling styles and resources that suit your family
  • Flexible planning and scheduling to get it all done without freaking out
  • Creating a supportive learning environment
  • Creating a relaxed and connected home life
  • Establishing a social circle
  • How to review and evaluate to keep your homeschool relevant

All modules include videos, texts, real-life examples, and a targeted activity you can carry out to improve your homeschool-immediately. I'm all about taking action.

Your Coach + Collaborator

Hi there! I'm Kelly George, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you to love it too.

My husband, Daniel, and I have five children, and decided early on that homeschooling was worth a try. Now, with our eldest about to turn 13, none of our children have ever been to school (or kinder, or childcare). We have never regretted our decision. We've used the freedom of homeschooling to travel (over three years total so far), have a self-sufficient-ish farm (Anglo-Nubian goats are my thing), and indulge all of our interests free from age limits, schedules and other outsider-imposed restrictions. We see life as one great big experiment, with homeschooling a natural part of that.

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Be your own homeschool coach

Professional homeschool coaching can be expensive. Popular coaches and mentors typically charge $50USD or more for an hour of one-on-one coaching. While I believe their expertise is worth it for the transformations they help bring about, being your own homeschooling coach is a much more cost-effective option-and you can do it anytime.

By completing Zero to Homeschool, you will equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to solve your own homeschooling problems at any time.

No waiting around.

No more costs.

No asking on Facebook groups and getting 18 conflicting and confusing answers.

Simply put, you’ll be able to identify the problem and come up with strategies to solve it.

Awesome, huh?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will begin in late January or February 2017 and run for eight weeks. Sign up at the top or bottom of this page to receive email notification of the exact date.
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it's available - across any and all devices you own. You can revisit it whenever you need to shake up your homeschool. AND you'll also have full access to future upgrades and updates.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Hopefully that isn't a possibility! However, i'm so confident that you'll love Zero to Homeschool that if you're not happy with it i'll give you a no-questions-asked, 100% refund if you contact me in the first 30 days. You can't lose.
Is this course aimed at a particular age group?
No. The framework and methods taught and used can be used for any age child, and for families with children of many different ages.
Will you help me write a plan for legal approval to homeschool?
As Zero to Homeschool is offered worldwide, and every country and state seems to have different regulations and requirements, it’s impossible to design a framework which will gain everyone registration. However, the plan and activities you develop will form a great core to any application. I suggest that if you need to register you keep a copy of your requirements close at hand, and work through the course with them in mind.
Is Zero to Homeschool presented from a religious viewpoint?
No, the course is totally secular. You’ll be designing and implementing your own personalised homeschool, and religious beliefs are an individual part of that. Zero to Homeschool will allow you to incorporate your beliefs in the way you see fit.

Zero to Homeschool will run for the first time in early 2017.
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