Start a Business with Me


Want an online business that works around family & homeschooling? Let’s start it!

I put out a request for what you want and need from me recently, and one of the big requests was to help people start an online business that enables you to earn from home.


Something with the flexibility to work when you can, drop it when you have to, and even go travelling if you want to.


 It sounds like fun to me, so shall we try it?


Here’s what I’ve planned – every part has real-life stories and examples, and walks you through how to do each step.



Why we’re here and what we’re going to do

Creating a clear and compelling vision – how will this change your life? What can you think of that will make you work hard and do scary things? Why are you doing this instead of bingeing Netflix?

Your income goal – take your clear vision and work out how much you’ll need to earn to make it happen



How to choose a profitable topic – topic research, keyword research, product research

How to niche down or mashup topics to stand out in the crowd

Choose the content/marketing method that suits you, and learn how to combine them for the best results

Choose the monetisation method that suits you, and learn how to combine them for the best results

Plan your product or intended end result

Plan a lead magnet that will attract people who want to buy your product/take the actions they need to take

Social media – how to know whether it’s worth it for you



Using the time you have, even if it’s not ideal

What NOT to do

Setting boundaries

Focus and single-tasking

Creating your own productivity rules

Tracking what matters



Create 5 pieces of evergreen content

Plan to repurpose them

Got this far? Great! NOW start a website

How NOT to get stuck in this step – how to move quickly through choices about hosting, themes, and design

My recommended tech course and my tech stack

Posting your evergreen content

Creating your lead magnet

How to start an email list and create a welcome email with your lead magnet

Social media must-dos (and don’ts)

Planning a beta test of your product/service if you have one (just like this!)



What it covers

  • Getting a crystal-clear, effective plan for your profitable online business
  • Creating passive income so you don’t need to work every single day
  • Knowing each effective step you need to take
  • Knowing what to avoid (very important)
  • Creating something people want and need and thank you for creating
  • Make a business you actually WANT to work in


What it’s not

  • Nothing about tax or legal stuff. Be legal. Pay your tax. It’s up to you to work out how
  • Out-of-the-home work 
  • MLM (multi-level marketing) like DoTerra. The FTC says 99% of sign-ups lose money – you deserve better odds
  • Tech help – but I have recommendations and resources that do it better than me
  • Following the current trending business model if it will make you miserable

STOP! Read this before joining!

By joining this test run, you are committing to DO THE WORK.

If you don’t participate and don’t make progress by a certain stage, I will refund you in full.

We’re in it for the feedback and development, the reviews, and the group support, so if you’re not going to do that please don’t join.

Feel free to send me any questions you have to make sure it’s what you need, and if you decide to join me, welcome, we’re going to do some hard work together but it’s going to be fun and the results are going to be awesome.

Here’s what you’ll get

– LOTS of help from me

You’re helping me develop the course, so I’ll regularly ask for feedback, review your work, and adjust the course and content for your needs.

– Lifetime access

You’ll get full access to the course for as long as it runs – so when it’s all shiny and finished you can go back whenever you need. 

– Printables and planners etc

You know, all the papery/documenty stuff you need to make your plan, record your stats, and  get it done.


     Hi, I’m Kelly

    I’m guessing you already know me, but if not, I have five always-homeschooled children aged 13 – 18.

    While homeschooling, I’ve

    • Run a nappy making/tie-dyeing business with an online store & market stalls
    • Started Fearless Homeschool and the Australian Homeschooling Summit, and grown it to a full-time income with part-time work
    • Gotten a nursing degree
    • Spent around 5 years travelling Australia and overseas

    And no, we don’t have a trust fund and my husband is an underpaid nurse (sometimes) – most of our income has been magicked out of my head


    Got a question? It might be answered here.

    Who is this workshop for?

    This workshop will help you if

    • You’re struggling to get your child to do curriculum, worksheets, or anything remotely educational.
    • You find yourself falling into rewards and punishments, but you don’t like it and would like to find another way.
    • You’re interested in a more holistic approach to homeschooling, and are willing to experiment with non-school-based activities, goals, and outcomes
    Who is this workshop NOT for?

    If you have a disciplinary, authoritarian parenting style this workshop is not for you. I won’t be talking about how to make your child do what you want them to do – I focus on working WITH them.

    What's your refund policy?

    You can get a full, no-questions-asked refund before the live workshop.

    However, once the recording is available I cannot give refunds as all content will be available to download.

    Please assess carefully before purchasing, and feel free to ask any questions you may have via

    How long do I have access?

    Forever! After registering, you have unlimited access to the workshop recording for as long as it’s available. You can revisit it whenever you need to shake up your homeschool.

    Is it presented from a religious viewpoint?

    No, this workshop is totally secular. I won’t be referring to any religions or religious resources.


    Ready to stop the battles?