Science experiments have provided some of the most memorable times we’ve had while homeschooling! Kids can’t resist the mysterious interactions of everyday substances that produce foaming, colour changing, and other interesting changes.


Neither can adults (yes, I love them too!).


And science experiments at home are so much more fun that those at school – we don’t have to write lab reports, we don’t have to fit it into a short time frame, and we can get outside and make a huge mess without worrying about wrecking expensive uniforms!


If you’d like to include more hands-on science experiments in your homeschool, check out this list of 25 easy and fun science experiments for kids. 

25+ Easy and Fun Science Experiments for Kids


Magical Eggs from Learning Hypothesis


Walking Water Science Experiment from Forgetful Momma


Elephant Toothpaste (Erupting Science Experiment) from Preschool Powol Packets


Dancing Rice from Buggy and Buddy


Kitchen Science for Kids: Rock Candy from STEAM Powered Family


Rain Cloud STEAM Investigation from Life Over Cs


Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment from I Heart Crafty Things


Skittles Rainbow Candy Science Experiment from Fun With Mama


Magic Milk Science from Natural Beach Living


Turn a Penny Green Science Experiment from Schooling Active Monkeys


Color Changing Science Experiment from Fun Learning for Kids


Crystal Feathers Simple Science Project from Schooling Active Monkeys


Lemon Battery Science Experiment from STEAM Powered Family


Dancing Science Project from 123 Homeschool 4 Me


What’s Growing in your Homeschool? Bacteria Science Experiments from Our Journey Westward


Balloon Rocket Stem Activity from Happy Brown House


Homeschool Chemistry with Soap Making from The Zoo I Call Home



How to make Lava Lamp Bottles from Natural Beach Living

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime from Left Brain Craft Brain


Exploding Lava Science Bottle from Parenting Chaos


How to make a Paper Mache Erupting Volcano from Red Ted Art


Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder Science Experiment from STEAM Powered Family


Simple Science Experiment for Kids: What Melts in the Sun? from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls


Exploding Baggies Science Experiment for Kids from Kids Activities Blog


Exposing the Value of Money with Cool Science from Playground Park Bench


Apple Volcanoes from the Resourceful Mama


Quick Bottle Rocket Science Experiment from Teach Beside Me


M & M Rainbow Science Experiment for Kids from Darcy and Brian


Enjoy! I hope you have a fantastic time working your way through these fun and easy science experiments. Let me know which ones you’ve enjoyed in the comments below.

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