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When you start homeschooling it’s easy to focus on curriculum. But once you settle in you’ll realise there are a LOT more hours left in the day to fill.

In fact, most of our time is NOT spent on bookwork. Most of it involves following interests, doing hands-on activities, and creating.

And these activities are usually educational, because virtually everything is! 

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Living is learning, and experimenting with a wide range of activities makes everyday life incredibly educational and turns learning into a lifestyle. Educating is MUCH easier that way.

These ideas will give you a great place to start planning and implementing some out-of-the-box activities for your kids.

And you never know – a major hobby or passion could result. But you’ll never know if you’ve got the next Olympic archery champion unless you get out the bow and arrows!

Don’t forget to include your kids in the decision making and planning – ownership promotes involvement.


Archery Handstands Backflips Skipping Hula-hooping Cheese making Running Soap making Sprouts Flower gardening
Food gardening Bread making Fermenting Jam making Basketry Sewing Crochet Bobbin lace Face painting Tie dye
Natural dyeing Making body products Polymer clay Worm farming Beading Watercolours Oil pastels Weaving Bushwalking Meditation
Massage Survival skills First aid Baking Preserving Drying food Spotlighting Stargazing Nature journaling Photography
Sand sculpting Circus tricks Unicycling Learn an instrument Herbal medicine Birdwatching Calligraphy Yoga Sport Screen-printing
Lapidary Electronics Making musical instruments Pets Jigsaws Leatherwork Cosplay Cryptography Whittling/carving
Yo-yo Juggling Beekeeping Renovations Comedy Cartooning Sculpting Singing Genealogy Board games
Leatherwork Macramé Bookmaking Origami Podcasting Videography Model building Orienteering Martial arts Geocaching
Parkour Swimming Collecting Rock climbing Trampolining Skating Metal detection Gold panning Debating Marbles
Fishkeeping Trainspotting Surfing Triathlon Bowling Billiards Chess Card games Mechanics Volunteering
Dowsing Urban foraging Slacklining Woodwork Metalwork Ceramics Microscopy Blacksmithing Remote control vehicles Model railroads
Spelunking Film making Karaoke Reptile keeping Embroidery Candle making Puppet making Magic tricks Hairdressing Makeup

Body building
Cake decorating
Four-wheel driving
Story telling
Stained glass

Toymaking Songwriting Poetry Airbrushing Belly dancing Camping Flower arranging Knots Protesting Storm chasing
Paper making Paper mache Ultimate Frisbee Beatboxing Breakdancing Capoeira Diving Fencing Carpentry Historical re-enactment
Hunting Investing Kite making Motocross BMX Skateboarding Robotics Scrapbooking Sign language Ballroom dancing Plant a maze
Graphic design Colour theory Book club Quilting App design Blogging Go-karting Herping Writing recipes Cycling Body language

Scuba diving
Self sufficiency
Chicken keeping
Beat a world record


OK, have you got some exciting ideas from this?

What are you planning to try?

Have you tried anything else that should go on this list?

I’d love to hear all about it – let me know in the comments!

And if you need even MORE ideas, you can check out my huge list of homeschooling subjects here.

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