Work Refusal


Wondering what to do when your child just says no? This live workshop is for you.

Does your child refuse or avoid academic work?


Are your days filled with more frustration, tantrums, or silent battles than fun and love?


You’re not alone, because many families get stuck in this rut – but luckily, there are ways to escape it.


In this live workshop I’ll help you think about what work refusal means and give you some strategies to deal with it.

All while maintaining good relationships and working WITH your child – no coercion, bribes, or battles-of-will required.


This was just what I needed to help me stop seeing my child as an adversary and learn how to work with her. Thank you! We’re both so much happier.

Diane, homeschool mum of two

This workshop will help you:

  • Uncover the causes of homeschool work refusal – they’re often surprising
  • Gain many strategies to help you work with your child to fix the root cause
  • Learn how connection and empathy can lead to more and better work than bribery or punishment 

Sound good? Join us below.

Here’s what you’ll get

– Attend the Live Online Workshop

Attend, ask questions, and get strategies and tips in real time.

– Get the Recording

When problems pop up on the future, revisit the workshop. Available in mp4 and mp3 – and you can even download both files to watch anywhere, anytime.

– Handy Workbook

Get a quick PDF summary of all the tips, tricks, and strategies, plus questions, prompts, and ideas to help you sort out your individual issues.


    Hi, I’m Kelly

    I have five always-homeschooled children aged 12 – 17.

    We’ve definitely had our issues, but homeschooling has given us freedom and adventure, connection and time, and I want to help you to create a homeschooling lifestyle you’ll love too.

     Ready to stop the battles?

    Got a question? It might be answered here.

    Who is this workshop for?

    This workshop will help you if

    • You’re struggling to get your child to do curriculum, worksheets, or anything remotely educational.
    • You find yourself falling into rewards and punishments, but you don’t like it and would like to find another way.
    • You’re interested in a more holistic approach to homeschooling, and are willing to experiment with non-school-based activities, goals, and outcomes
    Who is this workshop NOT for?

    If you have a disciplinary, authoritarian parenting style this workshop is not for you. I won’t be talking about how to make your child do what you want them to do – I focus on working WITH them.

    What's your refund policy?

    You can get a full, no-questions-asked refund before the live workshop.

    However, once the recording is available I cannot give refunds as all content will be available to download.

    Please assess carefully before purchasing, and feel free to ask any questions you may have via

    How long do I have access?

    Forever! After registering, you have unlimited access to the workshop recording for as long as it’s available. You can revisit it whenever you need to shake up your homeschool.

    Is it presented from a religious viewpoint?

    No, this workshop is totally secular. I won’t be referring to any religions or religious resources.


    When your kids won’t study it’s frustrating, and it’s easy to feel like a homeschooling failure.


    But that’s not the case – it IS possible to work with your children and come up with a solution that works for everyone.


    This workshop will help you analyse and understand the root cause of WHY your child won’t work, then gives you plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies to help you overcome the issues and create a peaceful, cooperative homeschool.


    Fights, bribery, or punishment are NOT required! The focus is on understanding, relationship, and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, so you can have many years of calm yet productive days.

    Ready to stop the battles?