Homeschooling is a bad idea - 15 reasons NOT to homeschool from Fearless Homeschool

Homeschooling is a bad idea, and there are plenty of great reasons that you shouldn’t homeschool your children.

I know, because I hear them all the time!

Maybe you do too? Everyone seems to know ALL about homeschooling, even if they’ve never done it, and they’re very happy to share their extensive knowledge about all the horrible homeschooling things.

We’re incredibly lucky to have such concerned citizens helping us out – and to celebrate that, I’ve collected 15 of the best reasons NOT to homeschool.

After reading this you’ll be totally convinced that homeschooling is a bad idea, and ready to fill out those school enrollment forms and save society from this scourge.

Let’s get started.

Why Homeschooling is a Bad Idea

1. Your children will not be ‘normal’

Because my kids are just plain strange. Seriously. So are most other homeschooled kids I know (hi friends! You know it’s true).

Conformity is MUCH better. Our ultimate goal is for your children to be just like everyone else in every way – and you need school for that.

Your homeschooled child in 20 years. Homeschooling is a bad idea.
Your homeschooled child in 20 years. Eek.

2. You’re not a teacher

Well, you certainly have ideas above your station, don’t you? Thinking you can reproduce what multiple professional teachers can do, at home?  By yourself?

Sheer arrogance! Like you could ever teach your children anything without a degree!

3. You’ll have to spend ALL day, EVERY day, with your kids

And they’re such horrible little creatures that it would be pure torture.

You can’t do that to yourself, it’s cruel.

Remember, you’re not meant to enjoy your children. You’re meant to join in the collective sigh of relief at the end of summer holidays.

4. Your kids will have no friends

Because how can you make friends when you’re locked in your house all day? And being friends with your parents and siblings is just lame.

If you want to socialise your children, placing them in an artificial environment surrounded by children of the same age is really the only way to get them ready for the real world – ask anyone who doesn’t homeschool, they’ll agree.

Lonely homeschooled child - homeschooling is a bad idea
Poor homeschooled child – can’t leave the house, can’t have friends

5. Other people will care

Other people will think bad things about you. They may even SAY bad things about you. Even, sometimes, to your face!

You need to avoid this at all costs. What other people think is the most important factor in any decision – so ignore your own ideas and keep people-pleasing.

6. You don’t know advanced maths/physics

So what will you do in 10+ years if your preschooler needs to learn it? I mean, there are no other options than you teaching it, or school, right?

Obviously, homeschooling isn’t an option.

Homeschooling maths is too hard, so homeschooling is a bad idea.
Argh, homeschooling maths! I quit!

7. Homeschooling is selfish

Why should your kids be lucky when others aren’t? Share your time and volunteer at your child’s school. Help those other kids out.

Put that selfish homeschooling effort into revolutionising the public schooling system to make it better for everyone, not just your special snowflake.

8. Your kids will have an opinion about their education

And that’s not a good thing. We all know that kids should stick to the curriculum, at all times, even when it seems boring or pointless. Kids know nothing about the world and what they’ll need, so don’t give them that control.

There will be plenty of time to follow interests as adults. After the university degree, corporate jobs, and wage slave time has been fulfilled, of course – priorities first.

9. Neurodiverse kids NEED specialists

Look, it’s bad enough you think you can homeschool a neurotypical child, but a neurodiverse child?

Now THAT’S arrogance. Everyone knows rigorous education and therapy is necessary to force your child to conform as much as possible. Even if that will never actually be a possibility, you have to keep forcing it.

Remember #1? Conformity is always the goal.

10. Homeschooled children will be weak, pampered, special snowflakes

Being trapped in difficult, stressful, and even traumatic situations builds resilience. Bullying will toughen those little darlings right up!

PTSD and anxiety are all made up conditions anyway – children just need to harden up and deal with the reality of life and learn to live in the real world.

It’s character building – don’t deny your kids this opportunity for growth

11. They won’t learn to focus or sit still

Children have to learn to sit still and concentrate from a young age. It’s the only way to learn anything. They’re empty vessels that need to be filled by adult experts, so passively waiting is essential. That urge for hands-on experience and interaction must be crushed.

And if they insist on being difficult and wanting to move all the time, medication can fix that.

12. People will think you’re broke

Otherwise, why wouldn’t you just pay for private schooling? Or they’ll think you’re just doing it for the money.

The government pays you to homeschool, right?

13. Your house will always be a mess

All those projects, activities, and papers everywhere…..argh!

Not to mention the piles of library books, kitchen science experiments, and the backyard full of strange animals and obscure plants.

Obviously, home cleanliness is the number one priority. Better send them to school.

But it was clean an hour ago!

14. They’ll NEVER get into university/further education

Everyone knows it – the only way to be successful is to finish school with a high ATAR, because that’s the ONLY way to get into university.

Nobody else has ever managed it. It’s school or nothing.

So it’s obvious – without a high ATAR your child is doomed to a lifetime of entry-level jobs, poor wages, and possibly homelessness. Better send them to school at 4 to prepare for it.

15. You can’t be mum/dad AND teacher

It’s just too confusing to everyone. You’re going to melt your poor child’s brain with the cognitive dissonance. Choose one role (obviously, parent, because you’re stuck with that one) and stop perplexing people. And yourself.

Mum or teacher, you can only be one - homeschooling is a bad idea
Mum or teacher? It’s too confusing!

Now, there may be some truth to some of these – but everything is figureoutable, and if you believe homeschooling is the best option for your family you can fix almost any problem that comes up.

If your kids wants to learn advanced subjects you can’t teach, you can find a tutor or online classes.

If the mess in your house is driving you nuts, you can overhaul chore charts and get everyone helping, or get a cleaner.

If your kids want more friends, you can help them find some. Join homeschooling groups, sports clubs, hobby groups….there are plenty of ways to meet people.

If you have a neurodiverse child you can access therapies and specialists outside of school, and work precisely to your child’s needs.

If your homeschooled child wants to go to university there are dozens of options for entry – and they’re all much less stressful and time-consuming than a high school certificate.

A problem is a chance for you to do your best - Duke Ellington quote on Fearless Homeschool

That’s the best thing about homeschooling – we have options. We’re not helpless. We can take our problems and fix them. We aren’t limited by a rigid system, so we can be as creative as we want to reach our goals.

And that’s what makes me believe that homeschooling is actually an excellent idea for us, no matter the comments I get.

Special thanks to Rae, Cyndall, Joanna, and Amna for contributing to this post.

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