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Suddenly Homeschooling – a quick-start guide

And here you are - suddenly and unexpectedly homeschooling due to quarantine or self-isolation. Or you're already homeschooling, but suddenly facing a whole lot more time at home than usual......because many homeschoolers are out and about most days. So I did a...

Homeschooling is a bad idea – here’s why

Homeschooling is a bad idea, and there are plenty of great reasons that you shouldn't homeschool your children. I know, because I hear them all the time! Maybe you do too? Everyone seems to know ALL about homeschooling, even if they've never done it, and they're very...

Steiner / Waldorf Homeschooling | The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

The Steiner/Waldorf approach to education uses art, craft, literature and hands-on learning to provide a holistic education. Find out how to begin using a Waldorf approach in your homeschool here.

BOATschooling?! An Unschooling Day in the Life

Lyndy lives on a boat (yes, that’s right, on water!) with her husband and two unschooled daughters. Take a peek into a day in their life!

How the Start Homeschooling Summit improved our homeschool – instantly

The last few weeks have been more than a little insane here! For those of you who missed it, I’ve been running the Start Homeschooling Summit. Coordinating 34 workshops from 28 presenters across 4 continents and many more timezones was a bit of a juggling act! But...

MOOCs | A free homeschooling resource for high school

It can be difficult to find resources to homeschool high school, so we were really happy when we discovered MOOCs. Free! High quality! Easily accessible! And did I mention free? And I think they're perfect for any homeschooler interested in getting high-quality...

Begin Homeschooling with Confidence | A free email course!

A preview of the FREE email course, Begin Homeschooling with Confidence! Sign up here!

Homeschool Day in the Life Collection 2016 – a free ebook

  It's nearly Christmas, so how about a present for everyone? People have been incredibly generous in recording their homeschooling days for me, and allowing me to publish them. I’ve collected all of the 2016 submissions and put them together into an ebook. And...

Homeschoolers aren’t always at home – a homeschooling day in the life

Today, Rex has his yearly hearing test. He's moderately deaf and has been wearing hearing aids since he was two. A paediatric audiologist is only available in our regional centre, so we decide to make a day of it, as family, and a do a few things we can't do day to...

Teaching Kids about Money – Financial Literacy for Kids, the easy way

Teaching kids about money is essential. Financial literacy is one of the key skills for a good life - it really can be the difference between a comfortable life with all your needs met or having debt collectors seize your furniture, car, or even your house. Teaching...
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