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2024 Neurodiversity Homeschooling Summit

July 29 -31

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  • A COMMUNITY away from social media… to CHAT, CONNECT, find SOLUTIONS and SHARE our homeschooling journey
  • 250+ recorded workshops from previous SUMMITS covering EVERYTHING HOMESCHOOLING.
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Here’s just some of the previous workshops that will be included in the membership.


Just starting out?

  • Starting to Homeschool
    Transitioning from School to Home Education – Patricia Fitzgerald
  • What do we know about home education? – Dr Rebecca English
  • Starting Homeschool Like a Pro – Karen Willson
  • Making the Decision to Homeschool – Kathy Lee Eggers
  • 100 Interviews Later: 10 Unforgettable Lessons I’ve Learned from homeschooling parents – Grace Koelma

Want to a blend bit of self-lead and structured learning? You’re sorted!

  • Learning Can Look Like This! – Lusi Austin
  • Developing an Engaging Education – Amanda Bartle
  • Eclectic Homeschooling – Lusi Austin
  • Inside Beverley’s classroom – Beverley Paine
  • Resource Ideas for Hands on Learning – Rachael Clark
  • Websites to Enhance Your Home Ed Life – Rachael Clark
  • 7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum – Karen Willson

Is your family all about Unschooling? Fearless has plenty of tips for you!

  • The Secrets to Unschooling Confidently, Simply and Happily with your Children – Heidi Hosking
  • Conscious Parenting and Unschooling – Freya Dawson and Baerbel Fischer
  • Unschooling: ‘But what do I actually DO?’ – Sara Macdonald
  • What is my child learning? – translating everyday life for recording – Beverley Paine
  • How to Rock Radical Unschooling, and why choose it – Freya Dawson
  • How to thrive as a New Age Un/Homeschooling Mama – Heidi Hosking
  • Freedom vs Structure: Finding the right balance for your family – Sara Macdonald
  • Unschooling – The kids will be alright! – Vicci Oliver
  • Unschooling Teens: are they doing enough? – Rachael Clark
  • Radical Unschooling Takes Trust – Rachael Clark
  • Learning in the Real World: How to Help It Thrive – Pam Laricchia
  • Unschooling our Children, Deschooling Ourselves – Beverley Paine