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Weekly Homeschool Checklists for Independent Organisation

We use homeschool checklists to organise our children’s homeschool work – it’s easy, it’s fairly independent, and it’s given them great organisational skills. Check out how to create your own homeschool checklists!

Homeschooling in Australia – The Ultimate Guide (Updated for 2023)

This complete guide covers Australian homeschool registration, homeschooling facts and figures, socialisation and homeschool support groups – check it out!

Travelling and Homeschooling in Australia – The Ultimate Guide (2023)

So you want to travel Australia, to go bush and outback, to take your family to all the wonderful places that our country has to offer. You’ve made decisions regarding your route, must-see landmarks, and finances, and can debate the merits of camper trailers vs....

How I homeschool grammar (without knowing it myself)

Here's a question I received recently - "I saw a photo of your son diagramming sentences - I don't know how to do this but lots of people talk about it on homeschool groups. Where do I even START teaching something like that to my children?" Steph. Ah, that would be...

Working and Homeschooling? Yes, you can do it!

Jen is a working mum of two high-school aged kids. Here she shares what a working and non-working day look like in her house. Take a look at the excellent articles and resources on her blog at Practical, By Default, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or...

The books EVERY homeschooling parent should own

When building your homeschooling bookshelf, what are the best homeschooling books to own? The ones you'll refer to year after year, that will continue to provide relevant advice and wisdom, and leave you feeling reassured and inspired about homeschooling? These are my...

A homeschooling day in the life with a catnapping baby

Bekah is an Australian mum of three children aged 8, 6, and 5 months, whom she eclectically homeschools. Here she shares how homeschooling gets done as well as possible around a grouchy baby.

BOATschooling?! An Unschooling Day in the Life

Lyndy lives on a boat (yes, that’s right, on water!) with her husband and two unschooled daughters. Take a peek into a day in their life!

A flexible, child-led homeschooling day in the life

Sara is an Aussie mum to two kids. She blogs at Savage Learning, and you can also find her on Facebook. This post details some of the many interesting things they do on typical days, plus their experiences with outside activities.     Each January I take...

9 tips for new homeschoolers from an experienced homeschooler

Erin lives on the North Coast of NSW, Australia with her husband and ten children ranging from twenty-three to two years. She has been involved in home education since her teens in the 80s as her family were part of the pioneering home education movement in Australia....