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Learning through Unschooling: A Day in the Life

A homeschooling Day in the Life from Amber of Pitter Patter and Constant Chatter, who unschools her two daughters in Alberta, Canada.

Special Needs and Homeschooling

Homeschooling your child with special needs enables you to tailor their education to their specific needs, and means they’ll be accepted exactly as they are. It’s worked for us.

Waldorf – Inspired Homeschooling | A Homeschooling Day in the Life

Kirstee Lee Raki is a mum to two who lives in Queensland, Australia. She presented a brilliant workshop about Waldorf homeschooling as part of the Australian Homeschooling Summit, which you can access here. Today I will share a typical home day with you with Nikolai,...

Project-Based Homeschooling | The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

  Welcome to the eighth post in the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles series! Click here to view the rest of the series.     Project-based homeschooling is based on the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. The philosophy developed in the city of...

The Huge List of Homeschooling Subjects

When we begin homeschooling it can be difficult to work out what to study. Maths, English, Science.....and then what? There's so much out there, but if we're not used to formally studying it it can be hard to think of! This list will give you over 75 ideas for topics...

Deschooling Your Family

Deschooling can be defined as removing the influence of the formal education system from your way of thinking. Many children who have been in school will need time to adjust to their new lifestyle, and learn this new way of education. On a wider scale, nearly everyone in society has what could be termed a ‘school mindset’. As most of us went through school, and its training is pervasive, deschooling yourself is an important part of the process. Find deschooling help here.

Montessori | The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

  Welcome to the seventh post in the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles series! Click here to view the rest of the series.     The Montessori method of education was created by Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Originally a physician, Montessori started...

All About Reading Review – our favourite homeschool reading curriculum!

Teaching your kids to read can be SCARY. Really scary! Reading is the foundational skill that will influence your child's success in virtually every area, which is intimidating enough - but then when you begin looking at how to teach your kids to read you run into a...

Homeschooling in Australia – The Ultimate Guide (Updated for 2021)

Looking for information on homeschooling in Australia? You’ve found it! This guide covers homeschool registration in Australia, homeschooling facts and figures, socialisation and homeschool support groups, and answers all the questions you need to know to help you get...

100+ of the BEST Homeschooling & Education Quotes

Reading homeschooling quotes is the quickest way I know to turn the hopelessness of a bad day into the inspiration to improve it. Here are over 100 of my favourite homeschooling quotes to help you bolster your positivity and motivation, encourage and inspire you -...
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