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MOOCs | A free homeschooling resource for high school

It can be difficult to find resources to homeschool high school, so we were really happy when we discovered MOOCs. Free! High quality! Easily accessible! And did I mention free? And I think they're perfect for any homeschooler interested in getting high-quality...

Homeschooling with Education Perfect – a review

Education Perfect is a complete online homeschooling curriculum that fits perfectly into our relaxed eclectic homeschool. Find out all about it here.

How I homeschool grammar (without knowing it myself)

Here's a question I received recently - "I saw a photo of your son diagramming sentences - I don't know how to do this but lots of people talk about it on homeschool groups. Where do I even START teaching something like that to my children?" Steph. Ah, that would be...

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

In this series, we take a tour through the most popular methods of homechooling. Each method is covered comprehensively and in-depth. Links to further resources and curriculum examples are provided to enable you to delve deeply into the methods that attract you, and create a clear educational philosophy for your family.

Deschooling Your Family

Deschooling can be defined as removing the influence of the formal education system from your way of thinking. Many children who have been in school will need time to adjust to their new lifestyle, and learn this new way of education. On a wider scale, nearly everyone in society has what could be termed a ‘school mindset’. As most of us went through school, and its training is pervasive, deschooling yourself is an important part of the process. Find deschooling help here.

9 tips for new homeschoolers from an experienced homeschooler

Erin lives on the North Coast of NSW, Australia with her husband and ten children ranging from twenty-three to two years. She has been involved in home education since her teens in the 80s as her family were part of the pioneering home education movement in Australia....

Steiner / Waldorf Homeschooling | The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

The Steiner/Waldorf approach to education uses art, craft, literature and hands-on learning to provide a holistic education. Find out how to begin using a Waldorf approach in your homeschool here.

Our Day at Camp: A Travelling, Unschooling Day in the Life

Dani and her family are currently travelling and unschooling around Australia. Here’s what a typical day in their life looks like, complete with breathtakingly beautiful bush surroundings.

How to use lists in your homeschool

Lists are the only way I keep track of anything. To-do lists, meal lists, to-buy lists, wishlists – if it’s not on the list it really doesn’t get done. So it makes sense that lists are invaluable in our homeschool, too. We use lists to keep track of what we’ve done,...

Begin Homeschooling with Confidence | A free email course!

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