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Homeschooling Spelling: Our low-stress, child-led approach (including resources)

Homeschooling spelling is a bit like learning times tables – it involves a lot of rote learning, is incredibly boring, the real-life reasons for mastering it aren’t immediately apparent, and it is shoved on children at a too-young age. Or maybe that’s just my opinion....

Homeschooling is a bad idea – here’s why

Homeschooling is a bad idea, and there are plenty of great reasons that you shouldn't homeschool your children. I know, because I hear them all the time! Maybe you do too? Everyone seems to know ALL about homeschooling, even if they've never done it, and they're very...

Homeschool Day in the Life Collection 2016 – a free ebook

  It's nearly Christmas, so how about a present for everyone? People have been incredibly generous in recording their homeschooling days for me, and allowing me to publish them. I’ve collected all of the 2016 submissions and put them together into an ebook. And...

Homeschool Schedule Strategy – be flexible AND productive

One of the hardest things to do as a homeschooler is to create a realistic homeschool schedule. How do you make sure all the important things get done, while still leaving the time and space needed for creativity? How do you keep motivated while also keeping flexible?...

11 Inspiring Homeschooling Quotes from John Holt

John Holt taught in schools for six years, and was an advocate for school reform. When it became apparent that reform would not happen he turned his efforts to promoting home education. He wrote prolifically, including ten books, many articles, and America’s first home education newsletter. Even though much of his work was published in the 1970s-1980s it remains relevant today, and his books are still a source of inspiration for many homeschooling parents. See some of his inspiring quotes here.

The Huge List of Homeschooling Subjects

When we begin homeschooling it can be difficult to work out what to study. Maths, English, Science.....and then what? There's so much out there, but if we're not used to formally studying it it can be hard to think of! This list will give you over 75 ideas for topics...

Travelling, Studying, Working, and Homeschooling: Our Day in the Life

Take a look at my life! I'm Kelly, and I run Fearless Homeschool. We've crammed a lot of lifestyles into our life - on this day in early 2016, we were travelling Australia in our little rainbow caravan. Read more about us here. We don't have very many typical days. My...

All About Spelling Review – our favourite homeschool spelling curriculum

Looking for a great homeschool spelling curriculum? Make sure you check out our All About Spelling review – it’s easy, comprehensive, and has some pretty fun activities.

Weekly Homeschool Checklists for Independent Organisation

We use homeschool checklists to organise our children’s homeschool work – it’s easy, it’s fairly independent, and it’s given them great organisational skills. Check out how to create your own homeschool checklists!

The books EVERY homeschooling parent should own

When building your homeschooling bookshelf, what are the best homeschooling books to own? The ones you'll refer to year after year, that will continue to provide relevant advice and wisdom, and leave you feeling reassured and inspired about homeschooling? These are my...