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Join the Family Creative Challenge!

Want to do more creative activities in your homeschool, but not sure where to start? My kids and I created a 30-day family creative challenge when our art and craft supplies were gathering dust, and it was just what we needed. We chose a Skillshare lesson a day. And...

A homeschooling day in the life with a catnapping baby

Bekah is an Australian mum of three children aged 8, 6, and 5 months, whom she eclectically homeschools. Here she shares how homeschooling gets done as well as possible around a grouchy baby.

The Continuum of Homeschooling Styles

  This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles series - view the entire series here     So many homeschooling styles - how do you decide which one to use? How do you even COMPARE them when they're all so different?!   One way is...

Suddenly Homeschooling – a quick-start guide

And here you are - suddenly and unexpectedly homeschooling due to quarantine or self-isolation. Or you're already homeschooling, but suddenly facing a whole lot more time at home than usual......because many homeschoolers are out and about most days. So I did a...

Deschooling Your Family

Deschooling can be defined as removing the influence of the formal education system from your way of thinking. Many children who have been in school will need time to adjust to their new lifestyle, and learn this new way of education. On a wider scale, nearly everyone in society has what could be termed a ‘school mindset’. As most of us went through school, and its training is pervasive, deschooling yourself is an important part of the process. Find deschooling help here.

Working and Homeschooling? Yes, you can do it!

Jen is a working mum of two high-school aged kids. Here she shares what a working and non-working day look like in her house. Take a look at the excellent articles and resources on her blog at Practical, By Default, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or...

28 Ways to Reset a Bad Homeschooling Day

  I have a little secret to tell you - sometimes, you will have a Bad Homeschooling Day. I know! Who'd have guessed that homeschooling isn't all sunshine and lollipops and happy children studying enthusiastically? Sometimes, bookwork just doesn't happen smoothly....

Travelling and Homeschooling in Australia – The Ultimate Guide (2023)

So you want to travel Australia, to go bush and outback, to take your family to all the wonderful places that our country has to offer. You’ve made decisions regarding your route, must-see landmarks, and finances, and can debate the merits of camper trailers vs....

Special Needs and Homeschooling

Homeschooling your child with special needs enables you to tailor their education to their specific needs, and means they’ll be accepted exactly as they are. It’s worked for us.

A flexible, child-led homeschooling day in the life

Sara is an Aussie mum to two kids. She blogs at Savage Learning, and you can also find her on Facebook. This post details some of the many interesting things they do on typical days, plus their experiences with outside activities.     Each January I take...