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Weekly Homeschool to-do lists-encouraging independent organisation at Fearless Homeschool


I am not the most organised person. I am a spontaneous, do-what-I-feel-like-when-I-feel-like-it sort of person. The idea of scheduling each day, hour by hour, makes me hyperventilate. But my children like workbooks, and schedules, and knowing how much of their chosen work they need to do each week to finish it by the date they’ve set themselves. And so we came up with these simple to-do lists. Yes, these are real lists – can you tell by the crumples?


Weekly homeschooling work list/schedule - Fearless HomeschoolWhen they have a workbook or activity book they would like to add to the list they decide when they would like to have it finished by. We work out how many weeks that is, and divide the pages in the book by weeks available. This gives them the minimum they need to do to achieve their goal.


One square on the list usually equals one page. Alternatively, it may be more convenient to divide a resource up into units or chapters-if so, they get a square each.


Often they have activities they would like to ensure they do. Currently, these include violin practice, hooping, creative writing and skipping. They decide how many sessions they would like to do per week, and draw one square per session. They each draw up their own lists (bonus handwriting and spelling practice!) and stick on the the wall. See them drawing them up in our Day in the Life.


If they do extra pages or sessions they add a star. There have been many weeks when a child is inspired, and ends up proud of the 15 maths stars they managed to do!


Weekly work lists - independent homeschool planning and organisation from Fearless Homeschool.

Sometimes, someone will decide to make a list for everyone. They’re flexible.

This has worked beautifully for four years now. The lists go up where we can easily see them, enabling them to see at a glance what they’ve done, and what they would still like to do, this week. Us parents can also see them, and give a gentle reminder when a week is nearing its end but a list is looking empty. A page of work is generally not difficult, and it gives them a great sense of satisfaction to jump up and cross off multiple squares at once. They also enjoy working hard on Monday and Tuesday and having the rest of the week free! It also enables us to be flexible-if we have days when not much work can be done because we’re out at homeschool group, or travelling, then this can be accounted for over the course of the whole week, with no rescheduling required.


I used to keep them for my own records, but as i’m not required to and space is limited by caravan life we throw them out at the end of every week. I imagine they could be kept as part of learning evidence for registration purposes in some areas.


And of course, sometimes they decide they’ve just had enough. That’s OK too – there’s plenty of other things to be done on weeks off!


Sometimes, the kids set the schedule for the week, and that's OK! Fearless Homeschool.

Do you use a tool similar to this? How do your organise your weekly plan? Please tell us in the comments below!






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