How to create a homeschool schedule that's flexible AND productive

One of the hardest things to do as a homeschooler is to create a realistic homeschool schedule. How do you make sure all the important things get done, while still leaving the time and space needed for creativity? How do you keep motivated while also keeping flexible? And how are you meant to make sure your children learn the essential skill of effectively scheduling in the tasks they need to do to reach their goals?

It’s something that everyone struggles with.

A schedule that looks like school, with each activity planned out in 45-minute blocks, tends not to work for homeschoolers. It’s nearly impossible to stick to (who wants to stop their child when they’re fully immersed?), and chronically running behind schedule stresses everyone out.

Us homeschoolers like freedom. Flexibility. The ability to zoom through some tasks, and linger on others. And the ability to wake up on a sunny day and decide to spend it at the beach!

But it can be difficult to find a balance between freedom and achievement.

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This homeschool schedule strategy will give you that freedom and flexibility, while also making sure you get everything done.

Grab a coffee, watch the video, then download the planning sheets and design your own flexible homeschooling week!

Isn’t it simple? All you need is a whiteboard, coloured whiteboard markers (I like these), and washi tape for the frame. I’m also about to put up self-adhesive whiteboard in our caravan so we can keep our schedule while travelling – hopefully I can do a better job than I do of contacting books!

If you decide to try it out, make sure you let me know (and I’d love to see a picture). Leave a comment here, or tag @fearlesshomeschool on Facebook or Instagram.

And don’t forget, you can modify anything about it to suit your family – that’s what homeschooling is all about.

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