5 ways to build your homeschooling confidence so that criticism doesn't destroy you.

The Homeschooling Criticism Series – 5 ways to build your homeschooling confidence

Welcome to the second article in the Homeschooling Criticism Series!     It’s no good looking all calm and serene in the face of criticism if you then go home and collapse into a snivelling heap, all confidence destroyed, convinced you’re setting your children up for a lifetime of failure. Here’s how to build your homeschooling confidence so criticism enters one ear and sails straight out the other, never thought of again. Except for a giggle with your homeschooling friends about the ridiculous things people say to you, of course.   Be strong in your convictions Know why you’re homeschooling.…
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The three types of homeschooling critic and how to deal with each one - Fearless Homeschool

The Homeschooling Criticism Series – The Three Types of Homeschooling Critic

When I sent out my original request for questions to answer in my Q & A Wednesday series, I received quite a few asking me to talk about how to deal with homeschooling criticism. So many, in fact, that i've turned my response into a four part series! Here, I discuss the different types of critic you're likely to encounter and how to manage each one.     Sadly, homeschooling criticism is very common. While homeschooling has increased exponentially over the last few years, It’s far from mainstream. And when you do things that are a bit odd, you know…
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