Easy and Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments have provided some of the most memorable times we've had while homeschooling! Kids can't resist the mysterious interactions of everyday substances that produce foaming, colour changing, and other interesting changes. Neither can adults. And science...

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Help! My husband doesn’t want to homeschool!

  “I really want to homeschool, but my husband just isn’t interested. He thinks our children are going to school, and that’s it. I think homeschooling would be best for us, and I really want to do it, but I don’t want to fight about such a huge issue. How do I...

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The books EVERY homeschooling parent should own

  When building your homeschooling bookshelf, what are the best homeschooling books to own? The ones you'll refer to year after year, that will continue to provide relevant advice and wisdom, and leave you feeling reassured and inspired about homeschooling? These are...

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The Continuum of Homeschooling Styles

  This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles series - view the entire series here     So many homeschooling styles - how do you decide which one to use? How do you even COMPARE them when they're all so different?!   One way is...

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