Don’t have an education degree? Don’t worry.

You don’t need one to teach your own children.

You just need love, commitment, and perseverance. And you have that, right?

We don’t have to wait until it’s on the curriculum (if it ever is). We can come up with truly individualised programs. We can cater to learning differences and special needs without waiting for funding or staff. Bullying is not an issue when parents are there to guide children.

But it’s not all about the academic side – homeschooling is the only way you can have a truly holistic education. It provides the time and shared activities that bring your family closer. Parents and children having close, respectful relationships and siblings being best friends are completely normal in homeschooling families. And trust me, socialisation is really NOT an issue.

Homeschooling is amazing, and i’d love to help you start. Learn what homeschooling looks like for real families, start my free email course about beginning to homeschool, or read the articles below.

Creating a family team with collaboration

  Does anybody else out there get bogged down by the everyday tasks of raising a family? Educating our kids and ourselves is important, noble even. But the day-to-day tasks of running a family are a grind that can wear us down. Honestly, it's easy to feel...

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Easy and Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments have provided some of the most memorable times we've had while homeschooling! Kids can't resist the mysterious interactions of everyday substances that produce foaming, colour changing, and other interesting changes. Neither can adults. And science...

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