Welcome! I’m Kelly, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you love it too.

It’s easy to make homeschooling really BORING.

Set schedules, repetitive generic resources, and information that has NOTHING to do with your actual life combine to create a homeschool that’s dull and lifeless.

If your kids are rebelling and you’d rather stab yourself in the eye with your freshly-sharpened pencil than continue with the mind-numbing busywork, you’re in the right place.

Because we can do better than school.

We can create a homeschool that’s personalised, passion-led, and spontaneous (while also being incredibly educational). And if that sounds like a great idea to you, you’re in the right place.

I started Fearless Homeschool in 2016 to help homeschoolers gain the confidence to step away from the school model and create an interesting and wildly effective education for their families.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of families embrace their own quirky style of natural learning with my free homeschooling resources, homeschooling courses, and the yearly Australian Homeschooling Summit.

On the personal side….

I married a boy from primary school (after spending our heavily-pierced and embarrassing high school years apart) and we promptly moved across the country and had five children in under five years.

Right now, we’ve been together for 22 years. Gabrielle is 19 and in her last year of nursing at university (here’s her blog), Holli and Asha are 18 and working while they wait to join the police, Rex is 17 (he has PPP2R5D), and Forrest is 14 and runs a lot. They’re heaps of fun.

None of them have ever been to school. Or kinder. Or childcare. It just always seemed kind of pointless.

Instead, we’ve spent our time studying brag-worthy stuff (Latin, grammar, violin) and slightly weird stuff (flaying and tanning hides, juggling, hula-hooping).

We spent over 4 years traveling Australia in our little rainbow caravan, but didn’t make it to WA until we did the Bibbulum track in late 2022.

We recently spent 8 months in Europe worldschooling through 11 countries, with a few weeks at the end exploring (translate to: thinking we were going to die from the flu) Singapore and Malaysia.

We liked it so much we did another 4 month Malaysia/Greece trip at the start of 2023.


We also like to do kind of extreme physical stuff. Like hike nearly 700kms across New Zealand on the Te Araroa, from Cape Reinga to Auckland, when the children were aged 10-15. Or hike 1006kms to complete the Bibbulmum Track in Western Australia (with just the boys that time). Or collect parkrun locations and aim to complete our alphabet. We’ve only done one marathon so far, but I think there will be more soon.

When we need a rest we do the self-sufficiency thing. Like milk cows and goats, grow vegies, and make soap from tallow I render in the kitchen (guaranteed to give me the house to myself). My kids will thrive when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives.

In amongst all this I got a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction and we also run a website all about tie-dyeing – it’s a family project.

Through it all we’ve kept homeschooling, because it works.

And I’d love to help you make it work too! Start here for great ideas.

Happy homeschooling,