Welcome! I’m Kelly George, I love homeschooling, and I want to help you love it too.

Fearless Homeschool was born after many years of informal homeschool coaching. You know the sort – parents hanging out together, brainstorming solutions to problems they’ve encountered, while the kids run wild (and there’s socialisation ticked off for the week – bonus!).

Being a born reader, researcher and problem-solver (and having five children), I was usually the one suggesting solutions in these sessions. Every time I saw someone struggling with homeschooling I wanted to cry, ‘It doesn’t have to BE like this!’ (and I usually did, and gave them a list of tools/recommendations/resources that might help them). One day my husband pointed out that I had turned into a homeschooling coach without realising it – I had a system, a toolkit, and time-tested strategies to deal with common problems.

I was surprised, but realised he was right. I’m not just bossy, I’m a coach. (That makes the bossiness OK, right?)

Fearless Homeschool is the formal evolution of that realisation. I love helping families one-on-one, but my time is limited. Over the years I’ve realised that most people have similar problems, similar fears, similar doubts. And so to reach more people, I decided to get online and start coaching and information sharing in the form of articles, courses and videos.

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P.S. This site is for YOU. If you want something, please tell me!


About me

So, I’ve already established that I’m Kelly. I’m an Aussie who is currently living in a rainbow caravan, travelling our beautiful country. Along for the ride is my husband of 17 years, Daniel, and our five children – Gabrielle, 14, Holli and Asha, 13, Rex, 12, and Forrest, 9.

My beautiful family in our favourite setting-trekking in Carnarvon Gorge.

None of our children have ever been to school (or kinder, or childcare). We decided early on to homeschool and have never regretted our decision. Although I thought homeschooling would be school at home (oh, how wrong I was!) I thought it would be the only way for my children to get a truly individualised education, and maintain their confidence and quirky individuality. Over the last ten years, i’ve realised that the education benefits are only the tip of the very large iceberg of homeschooling benefits.

Apart from homeschooling, I love travel. I also love making stuff. I sew, crochet, knit, make soap, cook from scratch, and when we’re living in a house it’s always a mini-farm (Anglo-Nubian goats are my thing). I love seeing how things work, and learning how to DIY. The rainforest is where I feel most at home, and I’m happiest when I have a big pile of books and projects ready for me to work on. I’m opinionated, somewhat blunt and love a great debate. And one day I’ll finish my nursing degree (four subjects to go!)

If you’ve managed to read this far, it’s great to have you here. Hope you hang around!


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