Welcome! I’m Micarlé, I love homeschooling, I want to help you love it too.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start your homeschooling journey.

The temptation may be to revert to your childhood experience and try to create school at home.

But you know you want better than that for you and your children, THAT IS WHY YOU CHOSE TO HOMESCHOOL!


We can create a homeschool that’s personalised, passion-led, and spontaneous (while also being incredibly educational). And if that sounds like a great idea to you, you’re in the right place.

 Fearless Homeschool was founded by Kelly Kotanidis, in 2016, to help homeschoolers gain the confidence to step away from the school model and create an interesting and wildly effective education for their families. In 2023 I, Micarlé, stepped in to continue and expand on Kelly’s vision.

We have helped thousands of families embrace their own quirky style of natural learning with
free homeschooling resources, homeschooling courses, and the yearly Australian Homeschooling Summit.

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On the personal side….

Our story started as they all do, when a city girl meets a country boy! Six years later Dave popped the question and so it went. After talking about moving to the coast for years and with two little humans in tow, we packed it all up and love the sleepy coastal town we now call home.

Right now, we’ve been together for 17 years. Audrey-Rose is 10 and Charles 7. Both are busy little humans with SO many interests, lots of energy and an ability to create a mess that will make your eyes bulge in under 10 second flat. They’re heaps of fun.

Before we started on our family’s homeschooling journey, I spent 15 years working with teens as a secondary teacher. As a teacher, I was constantly in awe of the young adults around me. The wisdom, responsibility, ingenuity, kindness and the love of learning displayed, when given the opportunity to follow their true interests and passions, always left me humbled.

When it came to our own little humans we gave traditional schooling a go, but quickly decided it wasn’t for us. And our young man has never been!

Instead, we’ve spent our time studying some of the normal stuff (literacy, numeracy), some brag-worthy stuff (piano, sewing and fine arts) and some slightly weird/extreme stuff (skateboarding, roller blading, mushroom foraging, juggling).

We all love to be on the move and use our love of movement as a way to connect socially or to nature.
On any given day you will find one, or all, of us shredding it up in the surf, dropping in on a set of wheels, hiking or riding through the bush trails around our home, shooting hoops with our mates or even just making up games on the trampoline. Family dance party sessions are a staple in our household, and we love it when Dave is home to add some Dad moves to the mix!

Our rest time sees us playing board games, learning or playing instruments, reading or listening to audio books or connecting and understanding the beautiful nature and animals we are surrounded by.

In amongst all this, I run literacy intervention sessions, I am creating an online program to share methods and resources. AND I am an executive function coach. Dave runs a successful carpentry business, and Audrey-Rose has already started her own small business selling headbands and heat packs.

We have plenty of homeschooling years ahead and we will keep homeschooling, because it works.

And I’d love to help you make it work too! Join the  Fearless Homeschool Newsletter and let’s get started!

Happy homeschooling,

xx Micarlé

(Mi – car – lee)