School or Homeschool, your child’s education is ALWAYS your responsibility

Many homeschool parents feel the heavy weight of responsibility on their shoulders. They’re the sole provider of the child’s education and upbringing. If their child doesn’t learn there’s no-one else to pin the blame on. Rest easier, homeschool parents, because there’s one fact everyone seems to overlook. Even if you send them to school, you STILL get the blame. As parents, we’re ultimately responsible for our children’s education. Many parents choose to outsource education, but that doesn’t meant they lose accountability. By choosing the method and place of education you set your child on a path. If that path is…
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Homeschooled Kids are Weird

  Imagine that you feel completely comfortable in yourself. You’ve never been teased. Your interests are all embraced and supported, never labelled dorky or uncool. You can wear whatever clothes you like, even your self-made recreation of a 19th-century bustle dress, and feel completely content.   Yes, my nine year old daughter really did make a bustle dress, and she wore it everywhere with pride. You’d never had to create a socially acceptable shell around yourself, a layer of emotional armour, to protect yourself from difficult people and situations that you had no way of avoiding…
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