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10 Inspiring Homeschooling Quotes from John Holt

Inspiring homeschooling quotes from John Holt, featured on Fearless Homeschool.

John Holt – the ‘father of homeschooling’

John Holt taught in schools for six years, and was an advocate for school reform. When it became apparent that reform would not happen he turned his efforts to promoting home education. He wrote prolifically, including ten books, many articles, and America’s first home education newsletter. Even though much of his work was published in the 1970s-1980s it remains relevant today, and his books are still a source of inspiration for many homeschooling parents. So much so that some posts of mine on Instagram about John Holt gained many positive comments, and resulted in a #johnholtfanclub hashtag! Feel free to join in.

If you really like these ideas, then you’ll probably like the unschooling method of home education.

Here are ten of my favourite John Holt quotes about education. Please share these quotes with those who would enjoy them by using the buttons on your left!


Which is your favourite? Have I missed one that you find inspiration from? Please add your thoughts in the comments below!

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    I read a lot about Holt and listened to a lot of John Taylor Gatto’s speeches when we were making a decision whether we would homeschool with my 7 year old daughter. Very inspiring!

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