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100+ of the BEST Homeschooling & Education Quotes

100+ of the best homeschooling and education quotes for inspiration

Reading homeschooling quotes is the quickest way I know to turn the hopelessness of a bad day into the inspiration to improve it. Here are over 100 of my favourite homeschooling quotes to help you bolster your positivity and motivation, encourage and inspire you – save them, pin them, share they with your friends (and people who need a little deschooling – here’s looking at you, in-laws) print them and stick ’em on your wall, scribble them in your journal, or use them as your mobile wallpaper! 

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What’s your favourite homeschooling quote? If I haven’t got it, I’ll add it in. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of the post!

You made it all the way through? You must love quotes as much as I do!

Don’t forget to let me know your favourite homesechooling quote in the comments – I’d love to add it in if I don’t have it.

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