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Want to do more creative activities in your homeschool, but not sure where to start?

My kids and I created a 30-day family creative challenge when our art and craft supplies were gathering dust, and it was just what we needed.

We chose a Skillshare lesson a day. And each day, we painted, drew, baked, photographed, or folded. (Origami, if that last one had you scratching your head).

It had a huge effect. We finished the challenge, but kept on creating.

And we did it as a group – over 250 families joined us from all over the world, shared pics on Instagram and had a great time creating together.

Because it was so incredibly positive for everyone we turned it into a challenge you can do anytime.

Simply sign up, join Skillshare’s free trial, and get started.

See below for your list of 30 creative activities – just click on the title of each to be taken directly to the lesson!


Q. Do I need to pay for Skillshare?

A. You can sign up for a free 1-month trial, which will cover our challenge. You do need to enter payment details for the trial. If you decide not to continue on simply cancel your trial.

Q. Do I have to do all 30 days?

A. Nope. We’re going for progress, not perfection. If you miss a day just jump back in the next day and carry on.

Q. Do I have to be part of a family?

A. You can definitely do this by yourself if you live solo or if your family isn’t interested. I imagine it would be much more relaxing than managing a horde of children 😉

Day 1 – Watercolour Watermelons

Shares from @loveandalibrarycard, @journeyofanunschooler, Kerrie, @barrattanita, @awalkinthewildflowers and @learning_laughter_homeschool.

Day 2 – Bookbinding

Day 3 – Brush Lettering

Day 4 – Easy Baking

Day 5 – Intuitive Illustration

Day 6 – Acrylic Tropical Leaf Painting

Day 7 – Free choice

Day 8 – Watercolour Protea

Day 9 – Self Portrait Photography

Day 10 – Doodling

Day 11 – Breakfasts

Day 12 – Origami Rabbits

Day 13 – Geometric Acrylic Paintings

Day 14 – Free Choice

Day 15 – Watercolour Lemons

Day 16 – Japanese Bookbinding

Day 17 – Zentangle

Day 18 – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Day 19 – Basic Faces

Day 20 – Ocean Scene

Day 21 – Free Choice

Day 22 – Watercolour Lighthouse

Day 23 – Origami Jumping Frogs

Day 24 – Cartoon Faces

Day 25 – Pizza

Day 26 – Mandalas

Day 27 – Tropical Sunset

Day 28 – Free Choice

Day 29 – Watercolour Parrots

Day 30 – Bookmarks

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