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Homeschooling in Australia – The Ultimate Guide (Updated for 2023)

This complete guide covers Australian homeschool registration, homeschooling facts and figures, socialisation and homeschool support groups – check it out!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

In this series, we take a tour through the most popular methods of homechooling. Each method is covered comprehensively and in-depth. Links to further resources and curriculum examples are provided to enable you to delve deeply into the methods that attract you, and create a clear educational philosophy for your family.

Join the Family Creative Challenge!

Want to do more creative activities in your homeschool, but not sure where to start? My kids and I created a 30-day family creative challenge when our art and craft supplies were gathering dust, and it was just what we needed. We chose a Skillshare lesson a day. And...

The books EVERY homeschooling parent should own

When building your homeschooling bookshelf, what are the best homeschooling books to own? The ones you'll refer to year after year, that will continue to provide relevant advice and wisdom, and leave you feeling reassured and inspired about homeschooling? These are my...

Unschooling | The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles

Choosing a homeschooling style? Unschooling is a popular method of homeschooling. It seeks to nurture and develop children’s natural love of learning by giving them autonomy of their own education. Find out more here!

Homeschooling with Depression – my story, and tips to help you cope

  Homeschooling without depression is like a bushwalk that's a little beyond your fitness level. It's hard. At some points you want to quit, but the regular glimpses of beauty are reward enough to keep plodding along.   Homeschooling with depression is like...

Deschooling Your Family

Deschooling can be defined as removing the influence of the formal education system from your way of thinking. Many children who have been in school will need time to adjust to their new lifestyle, and learn this new way of education. On a wider scale, nearly everyone in society has what could be termed a ‘school mindset’. As most of us went through school, and its training is pervasive, deschooling yourself is an important part of the process. Find deschooling help here.

Math-U-See Review

Maths is important.  And like most things, as I learn more about it I realise that it’s far more important than I originally thought.  A lot of parents say to me, “Oh, my kids will just pick it up, as long as they can get through everyday life I don’t mind...

Why you must commit 100% to homeschooling if you want to succeed

Is school your back-up option? If you have a bad hour/day/week do you start thinking that school looks like a better option? Do you believe that you’re just ‘trying’ homeschooling, and if it doesn’t work you can always send them to school*? Do you hesitate to make...

Suddenly Homeschooling – a quick-start guide

And here you are - suddenly and unexpectedly homeschooling due to quarantine or self-isolation. Or you're already homeschooling, but suddenly facing a whole lot more time at home than usual......because many homeschoolers are out and about most days. So I did a...