Wondering what homeschooling style is best for your family? 

When most people start consider homeschooling they assume they’ll be recreating school, just at home. While some people choose to do that, there are MANY homeschooling styles available. And once you start looking through all of these styles it can get very overwhelming, very quickly. There’s a whole new language to learn.


You can soon get bogged down in comparing the merits of classical education vs radical unschooling and using a complete curriculum vs picking and choosing resources. And how can a book be living, anyway? It doesn’t help that nearly everyone you meet will be passionate about THEIR method, and keen to tell you how wonderful it is and how much you’ll love it.

So, I wrote an entire series to help you choose the styles that will integrate homeschooling successfully into your lifestyle.


In this series, we’ll take a tour through the most popular methods of homechooling. Each method is covered comprehensively and in-depth. Links to further resources and curriculum examples are provided to enable you to delve deeply into the methods that attract you, and create a clear educational philosophy for your family.


We’ll cover………


School at home/distance education






Charlotte Mason


Unit Studies










Having trouble deciding? Use the Homeschooling Styles Continuum to help you choose!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Styles, from Fearless Homeschool. Read all about unschooling, deschooling, Charlotte Mason, unit studies and more!
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